iPhone Credited With Helping Save The Life Of A 2-Year-Old Boy

Whether using it as a navigator, an entertainer or simply a contactor, we’ve all referred to iPhones as somewhat of a lifesaver once or twice before. But calling the iPhone a lifesaver became a fact after the phone saved the life of a 2-year-old boy.

Sunday night in Mengzi City the boy fell into a 40-ft-deep well, once firefighters arrived to the scene another issue was made clear- there was no harness small enough to fit the boy.

As the situation immediately was in need for creative thinking, one of the firefighters decided to lower his iPhone down on a rope. With this, the crew could use the phone’s video feed to see how they needed to place the harness around the toddler.

While receiving the feed firefighters continued to pump oxygen into the well in order for the boy to breathe. Because of the video they were able to pull him out and transport him to a local hospital. The boy only received minor bruises from the fall.

Talk about miracles! If we ever thought twice about if the cost of an iPhone being worth it, this should change our opinion.

Call them phones…or lifesavers.

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