Suite of iPhone Apps Bring Technology to the Golf Course

The iPhone is such a powerful tool. It seems like everyday developers strench the device to a whole new spectrum of ability.

It’s not too late in the season to talk about how the developers at Shotzoom started with the basics, and eventually developed a suite of apps with impressive technology to use on and off the golf course.

Basic GPS:
They started with a simple app, and the number one golf GPS app worldwide: Golfshot GPS

Location based technology isn’t new, and there are quite a few golf apps that have GPS technology. These apps can show you where you are on the hole, how far the pin is, along with lay-ups and hazard distances. You can also get an arial view of the course.

Augmented reality:
The developers added to Golfshot with an app that you can use as a viewfinder: Golfscape

Sometimes you’re playing golf, and you end up with trees or a hill hiding the pin from your view. Using GPS, the built in compass, and the camera the developers pushed the envelope of tech by adding the ability to look through your iPhone to see where the pin is.

You have to see it to believe it.

Cloud-based app syncing:
Shotzoom tied a library of videos to the users Golfshot stats: Golfplan

In a world where we have constant connectivity cloud-based app syncing should be in every app. The Shotzoom guys made it so that when you put your stats into Golfshot they pull into Golfplan so that you can get training tips to fix weaknesses that ail you on the course.

Video editing and manipulation:
You can film your swing, and compare it to Tiger Woods himself: My Swing

Shotzoom’s newest app takes advantage of a marquee name in golf on top of some sweet tech. You can film your own swing and then play it side-by-side with Tiger to see how you compare.  You can also add lines, points and curves to the video to see how you move throughout your swing.

It is nice when devleopers build apps that are useful. When multiple apps work together to solve a problem there is so much more potential. Shotzoom didn’t just build a great GPS app, or a great training app they built a suite of apps that took advantage of new technologies, in a synergistic way.

The iOS platform stole the attention of a great development team. Are there Android teams like this? What suites of apps are they making? Are there even Android users out there who are willing to pay the developers for apps like this?

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