iPhone Rumors Abound Ahead Of Apple’s September 10th Event

Excitement is building as all rumors point to Apple launching two new iPhones Sept. 10: an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S will replace the the iPhone 5 and will be nearly identical in form factor. Sources say new features will include a fingerprint sensor in the Home button for greater security and a dual LED flash for better pictures in low-light situations. The iPhone 5S will likely also have a faster chip, possibly even with a 64-bit architecture. A few rumors have said there may be a 128GB version and a gold- or champagne-colored phone in addition to the usual black and white.

The iPhone 5C, a new lower-cost model, is expected to come in multiple colors, and a number of websites have posted photos of the colorful casings. To save manufacturing costs, the phone will have a polycarbonate casing rather than aluminum. It will also be just slightly larger, since it’s quite expensive to engineer a device as small as the iPhone 5.

What about new iPads? They’ll likely make their appearance in October. The next-generation 9.7-inch iPad is expected to have a form factor similar to the iPad mini, including thinner bezels along the sides. This will allow the device to be slightly narrower. Sources also say it will be slimmer and lighter. Some rumors have suggested Apple will announce a new iPad mini with a higher-resolution screen, but other rumors have said manufacturing challenges will delay the screen upgrade until next year.

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