iPhone time is always set to 9:42 in Apple ads, and now we know why

Conspiracy-theorists have probably been discussing this one amongst themselves for a while now, but have you ever noticed that the time on the iPhone in Apple ads is always set to 9:42? Check it out:

And you have to look closely in this one:

Even the fake print ads people make do it (look closely at the top of the phone screen):

Is it some sort of Apple code? The time of day Steve Jobs was born? Coordinates to some secret location? What on earth could it mean??

It’s simple, really.  Former Apple executive Bob Borcher recently gave a presentation where he mentioned this interesting tidbit, and revealed that the reason you’ll always see this time in ads is because 9:42 was the time when Apple actually launched the iPhone.

So, no secret message or conspiracy hidden in the advertising from Apple. Just a little reminder of the time of day the tech world was forever changed.


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  • Michal Mates

    Actually it’s 9:41 .. -_-