iPhone Touchscreen Monitor for Your Car

Ever tried using your iPhone for navigation while driving?  If you have, you probably shouldn’t do it again, seeing as how it’s dangerous.  But now there seems to be a much easier way, thanks to a Mr. Romin.  He seems to have found a nice solution for the iPhone-use-in-the-car issue that many people seem to have.

It turns out that you can buy a touchscreen monitor for your car, known as the Lilliput FA1042 touchpanel.  This is exactly what you would think, a fully functional touchscreen.  This screen, along with a Belkin AV dock adapter cable and a program called Centrafuse, allowed Mr. Romin to connect his iPhone to the Lilliput screen and be able to interact with his iPhone on a much larger, much safer screen.

If you’re curious about how he did it, he explains it in this youtube video found here.  He goes through the process of using the Lilliput screen in tandem with his iPhone, showcasing the TOMTOM navigation program as well as loading and watching a YouTube video.  The video seemed very interesting since the video showed on the Lilliput screen at full size but didn’t show on the iPhone.  Rather the video controls (like pause, play etc) were displayed on the iPhone.  Not only was the video displayed full-screen, but the sound for the video will come through the car’s speaker system.  Pretty nifty.

So the next time you’re on a long trip and want to use your iPhone for navigation, or just to allow your kids to watch youtube videos to keep them entertained, consider this alternative developed by Mr. Romin.

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  • Orion Antares

    Can someone inform me about the advantage of this over simply using a docking stand build to be used in a vehicle?