Is Netflix coming to cable?

Thanks to technology, missing our favorite TV show at its regular airtime has become no big deal. We can watch television on our phones and we can watch it on Netflix. Some of us have stopped bothering to pay for cable because of these convencies.

But those who use Netflix regularly may soon have their television-watching reliance altered.

It’s been reported by Reuters that Chief Executive Reed Hastings of Netflix has recently been meeting with some of the biggest cable companies in the U.S.  The idea of adding this online movie streaming service to cable has been brought to the table.

If it were to happen, Netflix would most likely be offered as another option like On-Demand where it can be added on to a subscriber’s usual bill. Another option for Netflix joining cable is it would be another channel similar to HBO.

According to Reuters, Hastings has hinted towards making it a rival channel of HBO, which is marking Netflix as the new threat.

While Hastings is meeting with some of the biggest cable companies, some are reporting that they see this as no threat. Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner Inc. told Reuters that he didn’t see Netflix as a threat.

Comcast Corp. is still betting on their version of Netflix called Streampix to still keep there subscribers satisfied.

If any of this actually did happen it wouldn’t happen until the end of this year. So, Netflixers, don’t worry or freak out too much. But just know the idea has been thrown out!

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