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I read a post on Android and Me that just blew my mind. First, because he was hesitant to link to a BGR post by Jonathan Geller. Second, because he thought that by linking to BGR, he was giving them ‘exposure’. And third, because he thinks we (iPhone customers) don’t like the note because it “resembles [our] beloved iPhone 4S”. I just barfed in my mouth a little.

Don’t be an idiot!
Let me be very clear. One of these phones is not like the other. No one is going to mistake that massive joke of a computer monitor, for a sleek, and attractive product designed by Apple as a phone.

Customers might mistake it for a TV, mini hoop backboard timer, or even a lamp. If they were going to mistake it for an Apple product it would be an iPad, long before the iPhone.

The phone is too big.

You know what they say about guys with huge phones… They’re compensating for tiny data plans.

It wasn’t just Geller (the iPhone lover) that said it, I read it over, and over, and over again. 5″ phones are just too big.

When the phone flops it won’t be for lack of marketing, and it won’t be due to poor market timing. It will be because Android manufacturers have a chipset problem, and they’re trying to make 4G phones before the technology can fit into handsets. So, they make the handsets bigger. They’re going too far.

But consumers want bigger phones.
Consumer Report released a report last year, that consumers have indeed expressed interest in a larger screen size. 37% think the iPhone is too big. 39% think the Note is too big. And 24% were given the very large range of 4″+.

Let’s put how big of a range 4″+ truly is. How many of you have seen a 32″ television and a 50″ television next to one another? I can almost hold my 32″ television portrait in front of my 50″ and take up only half the screen. That’s the relevant difference between the iPhone and the Galaxy Note screens, the physical LCD of the Note is almost twice as big.

Something consumers don’t pick up is that every inch those manufacturers add to the phone is diagonal. The effective are increase of these phones is unreal. There might be a honeymoon phase with these phones while they are in the store: “Wow! Look at how big, and bright, and beautiful this display is”. But when the consumer gets to daily use, they won’t like it. The phone won’t fit in their pocket, they won’t be able to use it with one hand, and they’ll be embarrassed to hold it up to their face.

Hopefully these phones die when Google takes tablets more seriously.

Image source: BGR

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