Is the HP TouchPad the Best iPad Alternative?

When you pick a gadget, especially a tablet, you are effectively hitching your caboose to the company making the product. Some people want a non-Apple device. Maybe these people don’t like the way Apple does business; or maybe these people have a uncontrollable fear of fruit.

The HP TouchPad is the best alternative to the iPad. It is attractive, integrated, and wholly controlled by a company that has been delivering some of the best gadgets for years.

Truthfully, tablet competitors for the iPad range from awful to awesome. And for those of us who want something non-Apple, the HP Touchpad is the cream that we hope will rise to the top.

There are a few things that come together to deliver a good tablet experience: operating system, hardware, and app selection. It seems that only HP is up to the task of delivering a great experience in these areas.

A basic review of the TouchPad:

The operating system for the TouchPad is absolutely stunning. WebOS offers the best multitasking and email support of any other tablet. For anyone who mainly browses the web and uses email, this is the go-to tablet. The TouchPad is powered by a quick processor and a sweet 9.7” display. The device itself is very nice to the touch, although slightly heavy. The current selection of apps on the store is weak, but overtime should grow along with TouchPad owners.

I get asked frequently if there is a tablet besides the iPad to buy. My answer is always the same: There is definitely an alternative in the market. The cons still far outweigh the pros for anything Android. However, a webOS tablet is a great gadget for someone who wants a non-Apple device.

Photo: Robert Scoble

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