Is This The Samsung Galaxy S4? [Photo]

We’ve been hearing murmors of the next Samsung Galaxy, the S4, for a couple months now. Back in September, we heard that it’d be released in February. While we didn’t give much credibility to that rumor back then, it seems things are indeed heating up. A more realistic timeframe? I’m looking at May or June, like previous Galaxy phones. But, Samsung could be feeling the heat from the iPhone 5 and other competing devices, and may try to push things forward a little sooner.

SamMobile, who has a pretty decent track record of Samsung-related leaks and rumors, published this “leaked” photo, purporting to be the Samsung Galaxy S4.Clearly, it’s a render (press shot), but the bigger question: is this the final (or near final) design? Have a look, then let me know what you think on Twitter: @mbchp. I’ll be sharing some of your responses.

Samsung Galaxy S4

As a refresher, here are the rumored specs of what we might see in the Galaxy S4:

- Exynos 5450 Quad-Core CPU clocked at 2.0GHz
- Mali-T658 GPU
- 2GB of RAM
- 4.99” SuperAMOLED FULL HD resolution (1080×1920) Display
- 13 Megapixel Rear Facing Camera
- 2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera
- Android 4.2.1


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[Source: SamMobile]

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