iStuck kickstand sure to turn heads while propping up your tablet

Unless chewed gum is in your mouth or in the trash, most of us have had a horribly negative experience with it. We’ve probably all had the experience of walking through a parking lot on a hot summer day and suddenly felt a squish under our shoe, only to discover a giant pink wad of the sticky stuff that will take way too long to clean off. Or worse, some of us have gotten it stuck in the carpet or in our hair, which might be enough to make us swear off gum completely.

So can you imagine having gum stuck to you precious iPad or smartphone? The horror, I know! That’s why this new kickstand for your iPhone or iPad called the iStuck is sure to cause a few doubletakes. The iStuck will hold your tablet or smartphone at just the right angle for convenient video viewing. The twin suction cups, disguised as bright pink chewed bubble gum, will stick to any smooth, hard surface. It’s less than $6 and can be purchased here. Might make a great gag for April Fool’s Day in a couple of months!

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