Apple Issues Refunds For Breaking Bad Season Pass

If you’re a fan of AMC’s hit TV show Breaking Bad and you purchased the Season Pass for Season 5 on iTunes, we’ve got some good news. It looks like Apple is refunding the purchase price of the second part of the last season, which you were required to purchase separately.

I got this email from iTunes tonight.

Apple Issues Refund for Breaking Bad Season PassFans caused quite the uproar when the final season was split in two and found that iTunes required them to purchase the second half at a separate price of $22.99. If you’d already purchased what you thought to be the complete Season 5 Season Pass, you had the same rude awakening I and thousands of other viewers encountered. Although the split wasn’t any of Apple’s doing, it’s nice to see they still ponied up for the trouble. The refund comes as an iTunes credit, redeemable towards any content on Apple TV, iTunes or the App Store. While Apple got the brunt of our beating, AMC was really to blame. Now that Apple’s righted the wrong, they’ll also get our thanks.


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