iTunes Digital Copy shows up in iCloud purchases

At the Apple event last week they briefly went over the updated Apple TV and announced that Movies and TV Shows that you have purchased will now be available through iCloud. At first hearing this it all makes but there seems to be a lot to it when you look into it.

For years movie studios have been jumping from what content it will provide with its DVD’s. Sometimes it is just a DVD, but more recently it has been combined with a Blu-ray and even a digital copy of the movie. Getting all three in one purchase has been very compelling because you receive the high quality version as well as something that works on most mobile devices.

Years ago I purchased The Dark Knight and WALL•E that had digital copies that I registered with my Apple ID.  I didn’t realize at the time that these would be added to my permanent iTunes purchase history. I discovered they were when I opened iTunes and went to the right side bar in the iTunes Store and on the  clicked the Purchased link.

On this menu they have the purchase history of your Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, and Books. When I clicked movies I was surprised to see these two movies sitting in there for me to downloaded. When I first downloaded the DIGITAL COPY it only transferred over the actual movie. When I downloaded The Dark Knight that is now stored in iCloud it started downloading the movie as well as the iTunes Extras that gives you some of the special features from the DVD. That was exciting to see since I didn’t have that content on my computer before.

I then went through my DVD collection to see if I had any more digital copies that I have not registered. I found two I had transferred but they were not showing in my purchase history. This is because the content did not match what is currently available in the iTunes Store or Apple does not have the rights to stream it, yet. Apple is still working on licensing issues with a few companies so my other movies may show up over time.

A great benefit of having your movies in iCloud and purchasing movies from iTunes is that you can now download the content onto your iOS devices without syncing them to your computer. Go to iTunes and then click on the Purchased tab and View: Movies then your available movies will be there to download. Also if you have an Apple TV you can now stream this content from the Movies app without having to download it to computers first.

If you are still interested in buying bundled movies that have digital copies I would suggest that you make sure it is compatible with iTunes DIGITAL COPY. This may help you build your movie collection in the cloud as well as receiving the physical copy. for those wondering, the downloaded version of these movies were only standard definition and did not receive a 1080p upgrade. When you go home be sure to go through all your DVD’s to find your digital copies. It will be worth the time to import all the movies to iTunes.

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