iTunes to offer unlimited downloads

Apple is apparently trying to negotiate with various record labels to offer unlimited song downloads. Thus, if you were to purchase a song, you would be able to download that song onto your various devices, without any of the current frustrating restrictions. I have recently frustrated by this as around 50 of my recently purchased songs were deleted before I could put them on any of my devices. Unfortunately for me, that means that in order to restore that music, I would have to purchase it all over again.

The issue facing negotiations is that the record labels want to squeeze as much money out of consumers as possible. Internet torrent sites and streaming sites like Pandora have forced them into such a position. The reality though, is that a growing number of people are getting their music access through streaming access or illegal means, and the music industry is going to have to make some concessions. While working out a deal will certainly be about as pleasant as pulling teeth, expect a deal to get done.

A permanent backup system for already downloaded music would be a huge improvement for Apple and iTunes. It would certainly save a lot of headache in customers as well. I personally would appreciate the upgrade very much. Pandora has slowly been taking over as my music source, and with the ability to stream it on my phone, iTunes has taken a backseat. Being able to backup all my music and put it on various devices in an easier manner would definitely help Apple’s cause.

What do you think, would unlimited downloads be a benefit?

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  • Andy McClung

    GrooveShark > Pandora

  • Steveu28

    If you back up your library like iTunes prompts you too, there’s no worries. Plus you can always burn purchases to disc for a hard copy. But I do see the validity of the post, since most people don’t take the time to do proper back ups on anything really. My iPod is my source for music. I’ve used Pandora, ect, but I just don’t get the whole music on my phone thing. I’ve got over 8,000 tracks on my iPod. No phone will hold that.

  • Starrrrydr

    Definitely! I’ve backup my itunes music on 2 DVDs only to learn that something corrupted them when I tried to get them back! iTunes already has the purchase records logged so I don’t understand why we can’t redownload them.