Japanese nuclear plant launches Twitter page

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) recently launched a twitter page that allows users to follow the plant damages caused by the horrific earthquake. TEPCO is using the page to confer any information about safety concerns on radiation leaks. In its first day, the page had well over 200,000 followers. While you may want to take a look for yourself, take note that the page is in solely Japanese.

This strategy marks a different use for Twitter. While Paris Hilton may tweet about her new purse purchase, this is one of the few times I have seen Twitter actually be useful. The site is the primary source for many Japanese who want to closely follow any updates with the plant concerns. For family and loved ones of those who live near the damaged plant, the twitter page is essential.

Additionally they are using the social media site to quickly relay any information about power outages and blackouts that are expected with the damage to facilities. The Twitter page marks one of the ways that social media has been of use in the aftermath of the crisis. Loved ones have been located via the web, families have relied on social media for communication and now Twitter is being used to relay vital safety information.

Image courtesy of: logotypes101.com

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