Jawbone at it again with the new wearable wrist band

Do you remember Jawbone’s first attempt into wearable technology? The UP made a brief appearance for a few weeks before it was recalled, and refunds were issued.

The problems with the first model were more than one. Water and sweat would leak into the construction causing a fried circuit board. Furthermore, the board hardware degraded over time leading to cracks.

A Holiday Product

Just in time for the new season the Jawbone UP 2 is revamped and available on Jawbone’s website. They’re currently only selling the product in Henry Ford black, but it seems they may offer a wider spectrum of color options shortly.

But is it ready

I’ve read a couple reviews, but haven’t had one on hand yet. The reviews on Wired were positive, but still inconclusive:

Mat Honan at Wired had a chance to touch and feel and reported “..the band has as a new protective coating, and there are visibly fewer joints and exposed areas.” The jury is still out on the re-engineering as test units are making their way around the industry. So stay tuned.

Keep it up

I love that Jawbone hasn’t given up. Wearable technology really does seem to be the future. Hopefully this time around they will be able to leave it in the hands of consumers.


Joshua Howland

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