Judge Holds Self In Contempt For Windows Phone Interruption

You’ve probably heard of teachers penalizing students for any usage of cell phones while in the classroom.  What you might not have heard as many stories on are penalties for anyone in the courtroom caught with a similar smartphone device.

A Michigan judge created a policy for his courtroom that any electronic devices causing a disturbance during court sessions would result in the owner being cited with contempt.  Judge Raymond Voet was serious.  He just didn’t realize that he would be among the first to to test out his own policy.

On Friday afternoon, the courtroom heard the voice of a Windows Phone assistant say, “I can’t understand you. Say something like Mom.’”  Judge Voet turned crimson upon the disturbance and cited himself in contempt of court.  Judge Voet was not accustomed to his new Windows Phone and had accidentally set it off.  His fine?  25 big ones.  That’s $25 – not $2500.  Pricey enough to truly discourage accidental cell phone disturbances? Maybe not.  But the embarrassment for this judge is certain to prevent his own mistake twice.

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