Karaoke anywhere with this funky gadget

Do you remember the Noiseless USB Karaoke Mic for the Nintendo Wii that was an online sensation in 2010? Well it’s back in a new version and for a whole new handset. This new model is made especially for the iPhone and iPad. It will once again allow you to bellow away into the microphone cone without any fear of neighbors angrily pounding on your door.
The soundproof urethane cup fits comfortably around your mouth capturing the sound. It connects easily to your iPhone or iPad with a simple USB cable and Sega’s karaoke app. No need to save your performances for just the shower or the karaoke bar. Now you can hold your own concert in the privacy of, well…anywhere! The urethane cup can be washed so you can even share with your friends.
Of course, if you do want to perform for a crowd you can remove the cup from the microphone and use it like you normally would. Either way, if you just can’t get enough of karaoke you can now take it with you wherever you go and be the star you know you are deep inside.

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