Keep a handle on your iPad with these nifty holders

Wanna keep your iPad on a short leash?  Now you can, literally! Sure, you can buy a case or other holder for your iPad, but sometimes even those aren’t convenient enough. Maybe you’ll be out and about where you’ll be using your iPad, but need to have your hands free occasionally at the same time, so a holder isn’t exactly convenient. EK USA Ekcessories has developed a product called iCat that allows you to lock a leash into the iPad’s USB port for easy transportation. No need to worry about your iPad falling or having the USB port ruined. The leash can hold up to 43 pounds! Considering your iPad is just over a pound, you can rest easy.

The iCat will set you back only about $25 and will work with your iPhone or iPod Touch. There are also a similar products such as the iCat Reel It, which puts your gadget on a retractable reel, and the iCat Hang It which is basically a shorter leash. Both can clip to a belt loop. Additionally you can find the iCat Neck It – basically a lanyard your gadget can hook to, or the iCat Wrist It- allowing you to wear it around your wrist…obviously.

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