Kim Dotcom’s MEGA Draws More Than 1 Million Members in 1 Day

Unless you’re new to the Internet, you surely remember the days of MegaUpload, the file sharing site shut down by the U.S. government for alleged copyright infringement and piracy claims. Exactly one year later, Kim Dotcom, the company’s founder, launched MEGA, his new and improved, “Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger. Safer.” file sharing service. More than 100,000 users registered within the first hour, and the number has continued to skyrocket, now well north of one million users.

So what is MEGA, exactly? Think of it like Dropbox,, or other online file sharing services, but made for sharing, and with a twist. Unlike other file sharing services, MEGA doesn’t encrypt your files server-side. Instead, your browser holds the encryption keys and controls who has access to your files. When you login for the first time, a 2048-bit RSA key is generated, partly using entropy from the movement of your mouse. It’s a completely different type of security, which you can read about more, here.

MEGA offers free user accounts, as well as three tiers of paid accounts, depending on how much storage and bandwidth you need. Free accounts come with 50gb of storage and 100gb of bandwidth (monthly). When you’re ready to signup, you can join here.


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