Lantronix print server allows Air Print from iOS devices to office printers

At home, you can choose which printer you use. You can buy a printer that is capable of Air Print in case you have iOS devices. At the office, it’s not so easy.

Enter XPrintServer

The basic idea is that you can connect the server to printers, and then print directly from the native menu of the device to any network-connected printers.

“The reception of the xPrintServer in business environments has been overwhelmingly positive and has become a strong solution franchise for Lantronix. We are thrilled to build on the previous xPrintServer generation and offer more capabilities to make the xPrintServer – Office Edition even more valuable to our customers,”-”Apple has made tremendous in-roads for driving the adoption of iPads and most iOS devices into enterprise environments, and business-critical iOS accessories such as the xPrintServer – Office Edition will not only benefit from this market penetration, but should also serve to speed that adoption into enterprises.”

USB and Ethernet Printers

The device is capable of supporting 4000 top brand printers, and now has a long list of features.

  • Printer-User Management
  • Usage Rights
  • Security and Control
  • User Groups
  • Proxy Server Support
  • Save and Restore Functionality
  • Export Print Logs
  • Active Directory Support

Talk to your IT guy at your office if you’ve ever run into a situation where you needed to print something, and the hassle of getting it from your iPhone or iPad to your computer was worth the cost of this little server.

Joshua Howland

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