LG And Samsung Announce 105-inch Curved Televisions

It’s the wonderful time of year when companies start to release exciting new products that they will be featuring at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan 7-10th.  Today we woke up to the announcement of two exciting curved display TV’s from Samsung and LG.

Both TV’s are a curved 105 inches.  They each have SMART options to stream from anywhere, and are 3D capable.  The LG OLED TV boasts that there is no distracting bezel.  It is very sleek.  The Samsung OLED TV has Multiview.  Put on the 3D glasses with built in speakers, and two people can watch two different programs at the same time.

The OLED technology offers better contrast, brighter and more realistic colors, clearer picture, and motion clarity.  The curved feature is said to enhance viewing angles and draws you in to the picture for an immersive experience.  Samsung also says that even when the TV is off, it adds aesthetic to your room like a piece of art.  I’m not sure about that one, but it definitely isn’t ugly.

What do you think?  Is a curved TV something you’d add to your decor?


"The LG OLED TV, with its graceful curve and barely-there bezel."

Samsung OLED TV Multiview

Samsung OLED TV Multiview: "Now two people can watch two different shows at the same time — both in Full HD or 3D — by wearing special 3D glasses with built-in personal stereo sound."

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