Lockitron: Lock your door from anywhere in the world

Locking the front door is one of the most basic habits during the daily morning routine however, the act has become so second nature to some of us that it leaves us questioning if the door really is locked in the first place. (Trust me, I’ve found myself wondering more often than not if I locked my door about halfway to my way to work every so often.) Thankfully, technology has caught up with the old routine and is bringing it into the future, with much more features than simply locking the door.

Lockitron is a device that attaches to any door lock and allows easy control through any phone (yes, non-smartphones included!) anywhere in the world. The smartphone application that is designed for the device allows users to instantly see if the door is locked, get notifications if anyone opens the door with a key, and even if someone knocks on the door, thanks to Lockitron’s built-in sensors and WiFi. Additionally, users can grant and revoke access to guests through the desktop interface, which makes the device convenient for any home or office.

Another great security feature is the ability to remotely control the device from a computer. Unlike losing your keys and worrying that someone has complete access to your house, you can instantly disable your account by remotely changing the password if you lose your phone. For iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 users, Lockitron can be programmed to work with Bluetooth 4.0, which allows users to simply walk up to the door to unlock.

The company has exceeded their funding goal by over 800% and is currently taking pre-orders at $149 a lock. The first batch is projected to ship in March 2013.

Image Source: Lockitron

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