Looking For A Stylus? Check Out These 3 Options

Saw a tweet that made me smile, and ultimately spend some money:

I’m in love with this idea already. I’ve tried everything! I’ve bought every stylus. Not because I think the iPad needs one, or because I keep losing the ones I buy (but I do), but because sometimes you just want to draw a silly picture. Nothing serious.

For more precision handwriting.
I tried a few of the rubber, foam, ugly skinny (looking at you Pogo) styli. The Dagi was the closest I came to a legit solution. It is about the size of a pen, so I was able to hold it comfortably. Also, because the tip was transparent, I could see where I was writing, and that helped a lot. But it still wasn’t enjoyable.

More for fun and drawing.
The Cosmonaut stylus was the closest I cam to a happy solution. I love writing on a whiteboard. The iPad feels like the perfect place for writing this way. The Cosmonaut is bulky, and is naturally held away from the iPad, so it really does feel like you’re using an Expo marker.

More for note taking. (in specific apps)
Then there is the Cregle iPen. It’s the project on Kickstarter. You should really check it out:

“Every iPen comes with an external receiver attached to the iPad UART port, which gathers iPen’s ultrasonic and infrared signal that identifies the precise location of the iPen on the screen. This revolutionary pen instrument is under Apple’s MFi program and will bear the logo ‘Made for iPad’ approved by Apple soon.”

The pen requires apps to integrate with it’s features. That means that you wouldn’t be able to use it in every app, or in basic system features.

The Cosmonaut is probably the most universal solution. But whatever your stylus needs, there is a tool for you.

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