Love HD? Put a ring on it with Best Buy’s $1095 HDMI cable.

As the holidays approach, customers are trying to find the perfect for their loved ones. Statistics show that men want electronics and women want diamonds.

AudioQuest’s premium Diamond HDMI cable stands in the spotlight as the perfect gift for him and for her. Nothing says “I love you” more than the pure, “life changing” video that flows through the Diamond HDMI cable.

Tight on money? Don’t worry – Best Buy offers 36 month financing, and this high-quality HDMI cable promises to satisfy for a lifetime.

Customers often protest high prices for high-quality cables, but the customer ratings speak for themselves: this 3.3’ cable offers the purest high-definition video that money can buy.

Customers rave:

  • “The most stunning 4D pictures you will ever see.” – Poseidon1229
  • “Set phasers for awesome, baby!” - CaptJamesTKirk of the Alpha Quadrant
  • “Not just a cable, an investment!” –  Anawnimoose, a Best Buy Top 250 contributor

Inside the Diamond HDMI cable

But buyers beware: This premium cable is not without its imperfections:

Customers complain:

  • “Too Short, should be 6.86543 feet long.”
  • Image quality may be too realistic, which could be dangerous when watching thrillers and horror films.
  • BestBuy does not offer a discount for buying in bulk.
  • Not long enough to use as an Indiana Jones whip.

Best Buy doesn’t show whether a reviewer actually bought the product, so take each review with a grain of salt.

Want more than 1 meter?

Highdeflifestyle sells 12 meters for $10,199.75. That’s $2951.65 cheaper than buying 12 separate cables!

Amazon sells 5 meters for $2,694.75.

A variety of ultra-high quality cables from an ultra-high quality company

AudioQuest also offers a variety of other cables on the Audio Quest website, which was designed using the innovative and interactive Adobe® Flash® technology.

Now that you’ve read some of the reviews, check out this impressive Q&A thread with a man who actually owns the Diamond HDMI cable.

Still unsure about how your lover might react upon receiving this gift? Watch this insightful ad for De Veers diamonds. You do want your love to last forever, right?

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