MacBook Pro keyboard made out of walnut or cherry wood

I’m very happy with the keyboard on my MacBook Pro. The black keys feel and look good. However, they do absorb the oils of my fingers a little too easily, and I’ve often considered some kind of cover for them, like an invisibleSHIELD.

Lazerwood Industries

[The keys are] laser-cut from actual walnut or cherry wood. The keys even have laser-engraved letters on them, so you can feel them with your fingertips. Each key has a thin layer of adhesive on back that’s strong enough to hold them in place, but removeable if you choose to take them off down the road.

The final result of the keys on a MacBook Pro is gorgeous. Although they promise that the covers are thin enough to not interfere with closing the lid of the MacBook Pro, I’d be hesitant that they wouldn’t wear on the glass screen. Even the built in keyboard can wear over time if the laptop is placed in a bag or something that compresses the screen down.

They do look awesome, and if it’s something you’re interested in, check it out for $40 over at the Lazerwood Shopify store.

Joshua Howland

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