Macy’s is the first to integrate this indoor GPS mobile app

Indoor GPS is a killer technology. Meridian is a startup that seems to have solved the indoor positioning problem. For a long time, the only way to build an app with their tech was to use their custom editor. Now, they’ve opened up with a pair of SDKs to help businesses take advantage of their technology.

Nav Kit and Blue Dot

NavKit is a tool for indoor turn-by-turn directions:

NavKit is intended for locations who not only want turn-by-turn directions for their apps, but also a content management system such as Meridian’s for making frequent changes to the mapping, routing and associated branding. NavKit relies on the regular Internet connectivity (cellular or wifi) of a smart phone to stay up to date and does not require any additional hardware installation.

BlueDotKit is to for smaller locations that may not need turn-by-turn:

BluDotKit can be used together with NavKit in order to have both the “blue dot” and turn-by-turn directions, or alone in smaller venues where turn-by-turn directions are not necessary. Because apps using the BluDotKit achieve accurate indoor positioning, enterprises can allow their visitors to opt in to location-based offers and contextual information.

Macy’s will launch first

The services and SDKs have been tested in locations like Miami Children’s Hospital, Sydney Airport and Macy’s. By giving these locations access to the technology via an API, they can hopefully deliver end users with a good in-app navigation experience.

Macy’s will be the first to launch a mobile app that has the service built in.

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