Major Microsoft Announcement Today? Here’s What You Need To Know.

“This will be a major Microsoft announcement—you will not want to miss it.”

Microsoft’s email invite to the media was definitely full of hype.  But with the event positioned between Apple’s WWDC and Google’s IO conferences, is Microsoft setting people up for disappointment?

Here’s what we know:

-      Microsoft’s announcement will take place on Monday (today), June 18th at 3:30 pm PST.

-      The location of the announcement is Milk Studios in Los Angeles, the same photography studio where Sean Parker launched his video chat service, Airtime (in the New York office).

Most of the buzz around the big announcement is centered towards a Windows 8 tablet to mesh with the Windows 8 OS. (And hopefully to steal some of Apple’s coveted market share). Of course, this is easier said than done. There are more failed “iPad killers” than Baskin Robbins flavors and Microsoft already has enough tablet-making partners like Dell and HP.

Some are even speculating this Microsoft Tablet will have heavy ties to Barnes & Noble, since the two joined forces digitally in April of this year. Evidently, Barnes & Noble has reported that it will not be part of the Microsoft announcement.

Other rumors:

-      Public announcement of Microsoft’s Yammer acquisition. The $1.2 billion acquisition (read 1.2 Instagrams) was reported last week and Microsoft sounds pretty excited. (Of course 343 million bags of Guacachips would be pretty exciting too).

-      Multiple tablets. Some speculate a 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire competitor. Others are guessing for an Xbox controller tablet, called Xbox Surface.

-      Microsoft Office for iPad.

-      A resurgence of Zune music players. [Stifled laughter]

-      An official release date for Windows 8. Talk about a letdown.

Whatever Microsoft has up its sleeve, they’ve done a very good job keeping it a secret. Don’t let us down, Ballmer!

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