Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible With Nanotips

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I’m super excited about Nanotips. This tech is awesome. Basically, it’s a nano particle material that you can paint onto fabric gloves (Nanotips Blue) or leather/synthetic/all gloves (Nanotips Black) that allows you to keep your hands warm and still use your smartphone or tablet. It’s currently on Kickstarter, but with more funding than the founder knows what to do with, it’s sure to be available for mass market soon. And thank goodness, because the two pairs of “smart” gloves I have, seemingly made to work with touchscreens, never followed through as advertised. Nanotips looks different.

Each bottle is designed to hold enough liquid to work on multiple gloves, so for between $16 and $20 CAD (that’s a little less than $15 US dollars to a little over $18), it’s not a bad price at all. Nanotips Blue gets an average of 15 applications, while Nanotips Black gets an average of 30.

The only downside? The liquid won’t stay active forever. Depending on how hard you are on your gloves, the application may wear out in a few weeks or a few months. But, with another simple application, you’re good to go again, so in the whole scheme of things, not too shabby!

You can still support Nanotips for a few more days by contributing to the Kickstarter.

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