Make Craigslist… Nicer?

As many of you may know, craigslist is not the most visual-friendly form of site on the web. In fact, the whole thing is just downright ugly. While they undoubtedly could spice up their pages to make it nicer, they really just don’t have to. As of now, there is really nothing threatening to knock craigslist off its pedestal. Good news for craigslist, but bad news for you the user if you want more features… or is it?

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are now all offering browser extensions that make using craigslist exponentially better. Notable features include being able to view pictures in page, alerts that tell you when items that match your search criteria become available and no ads. Overall, not only does this extension make the site look a whole lot better, it makes it easier to use. The alerts are also an awesome tool, and I have found some great deals already, simply because with the alerts I found out about them earlier than other people.

One particular area that this extension is of particular use is if you’re looking for apartments or housing. I’m moving out at the end of the month, and this add-on made the search a hundred times easier. Not only could I look at the pictures for the listings without opening 97 new tabs, but it highlights listing phone numbers and contact information as well. The piece that was most useful was again the listing alerts. I just input my specifications, and I was updated any time a new listing was added. For areas where good housing goes quickly, this tool is essential to put you ahead of the field.

So, if you are sick of the old craigslist layout or just want some added features, go with a browser extension and don’t look back.

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