Many Drop Plans Due To The Increase In Netflix Prices

There’s so many ways out there to rent DVD’s for cheap, to stream online movies to your Blu-Ray player, or watch movies online. But no one does it like Netflix; offering customers unlimited movies and TV shows online (that you can stream to your TV) and one DVD at a time by mail for only $10! Now that’s a sweet deal. Or at least it was, until just recently.

On Tuesday, the company announced that it would be splitting up its two services, which means that instead of getting streaming video and DVD-by-mail access in one bundle, subscribers will now have to have two separate plans and pay at least $16 a month total.

On Wednesday, many customers expressed via Twitter, Facebook, and other places online, their anger over Netflix Inc.’s decision to raise its prices by up to 60 percent.

Many customers are even cancelling their subscriptions with Netflix; including Joe Turick, a technology engineer in Monroe, N.C., who has been with Netflix for about a decade, “within an hour of learning of Tuesday’s price changes and plans to try competitors.”

Anger broke out on Twitter, as well as on Netflix’s blog postings, which had 5,000 comments (the most the blog is allowed to get) from extremely upset customers. Netflix said company executives expected to have outraged reactions from customers.

Netflix’s spokesman Steve Swasey said, “Everything Netflix does is with extensive research and testing and analysis, so we expected some people to be disappointed.” 40,000 is more than some, which is how many people posted comments on Netflix’s Facebook page.

Turick said that the change “felt like a slap in the face.”

Chris Caggiano, a professor at The Boston Conservatory, says he isn’t planning to change his Netflix plan, along with many of the 22.8 million customers in the U.S.

But he did say that “prices go up. I don’t see the big deal. There’s this huge hue and cry — it’s like the end of the world.” He then pointed out that Netflix is a for-profit business.

“This is not a public service,” he said. “And, as many people are deciding to do, you can go elsewhere.”

So, what are your feelings on the Netflix price hike? Do you agree with Turick, or Caggiano?

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