Mark Cuban Wants Your Text Messages to Self Destruct

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and frequent “shark” on Shark Tank, has been pushing a new app on Twitter lately—Cyber Dust. It destroys text messages, much like Snapchat destroys photos. (PS, his handle for the app is @blogmaverick.)

Cyber Dust for iOS (and coming soon for Android) sends completely encrypted text messages that are deleted forever 30 seconds after being seen (or 24 hours after they’re sent, if the receiver miraculously doesn’t check their phone for that long). Unlike Snapchat’s chat feature, if someone does take a screenshot of your Cyber Dust text, there’s no evidence on the screen of who sent or received the message.

Other features include:

  • Blast messages: send a text or photo to several friends at once. You can also create blast lists, so you can mass message without scrolling through all of your contacts.
  • Photos: send as many as you want, and add multiple lines of text in different fonts
  • Fun additions: add stickers, animated GIFS, URLs, and more
  • Location blasts: send out your locale to all of your friends
  • Pin your messages: save your outgoing messages by “pinning” to remember your side of the conversation. These only appear for you, not the person you’re messaging.New features coming soon include a group chat feature, the ability to delete friends, video capability, and additional stickers. Oh, and did I mention it’s completely free? Yep. But even with all the benefits, can Cyber Dust really compete with Snapchat, even if it is more secure? What do you think?

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