MasterCard is adopting new credit card technology for a more secure card

The next big thing in ‘credit card technology’ seems to be making it’s way to Singapore. The card has buttons and an LCD screen that will only allow payment from the card if the user enters their PIN number.

The problem?

This isn’t new technology. I read an article on this technology from Geekologie back in 2007.

The difference is that MasterCard is actually backing and rolling out this technology. We’ll have to see how it shakes out. Further, we’ll have to see if this is any more secure than a debit card that requires entering a pin on a keypad rather than directly on the card.

The Solution

The idea is very cool. When you enter your PIN it generates a unique authorization code to pass through with the transaction. Is this something you’d use? Is it something that would make you feel more secure?

Joshua Howland

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