Quarterback Matt Barkley Talks Apple And Shows Us His iPhone Home Screen

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Former USC QB Matt Barkley was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to talk tech with us and show us his iPhone home screen.

ZAGG: When do you use your iPhone?

MB: I use my iPhone 5 all day, for planning my schedule, messaging, being productive.

ZAGG: When do you use your iPad?

MB: When I was in school, I used my iPad in class to take notes on. Now that I’m done with USC, I take time at night to read off of my iPad.

ZAGG: What’s your background image?

MB: The background image on my phone is a sleek black leather looking photo to make the icons stand out on the home screen.

ZAGG: Which apps are you using most?

MB: I find myself using Tweetbot (the best Twitter client app), Pocket to read articles later, and GoodReader to handle all the PDFs and documents I get through emails. Flipboard comes in handy when I want to see current news articles.

ZAGG: Is your iPhone protected?

MB: Of course my phone is protected! I use the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD, along with the ZAGG Perimeter Case, it’s so lightweight!

ZAGG: When do you charge your iPhone?

MB: I try not to plug my phone it in at night, but usually that’s the case. But usually I’m always charging throughout the day, either in my car’s charger or with the ZAGGsparq that’s always with me.

ZAGG: How frequently do you use FaceTime?

MB: Don’t really use FaceTime too much. Only really with my dad when he travels overseas. Pretty much free international video calls over wifi!

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