Meet Kapture: The Wristband That’s Always Listening

Ever heard a really funny joke, a strange noise, or an interesting quote that you totally would have recorded if you would have known it was coming? While there’s no technology available that allows you to see into the future and predict that sort of thing (yet), there is another way: Strap a Kapture to your wrist. Kapture is a wearable audio recorder that records the sounds around you 24 hours a day in 60 second bursts. If something cool happens and you want to go back and save the audio for, all you have to do is press the button on the device, and the latest 60-second clip will get sent to your phone via Bluetooth where you can then store, edit and share the saved sounds in any way you’d like.

Kapture is starting a Kickstarter campaign today in hopes of raising $150,000 for this project. What do you think—could something like this actually be successful or is it just a silly byproduct of the wearable tech trend?