Microsoft Kinect vs. Wii vs. Playstation Move

Recently Microsoft just announced that the sale of the 10 millionth Kinect system. It took Kinect 5 months to reach 10 million sales, something that the Wii took nearly 2 years to reach. To be fair, the Wii console was at least $100 more expensive than the Kinect, but an impressive feat nonetheless. I am sure that Playstation would be more than pleased to sell 10 million Move systems during the products entire existence. The announcement did get me thinking about which motion gaming system is the best.

To start with, I have played all three systems and I have had enjoyable experiences with each. However, every competition needs a winner, and in this one I would crown the Wii as king. Playstation Move had some decent game play, but it just didn’t hold up to the variety and performance of the Kinect and the Wii. It is still new, and I have faith in Sony’s ability to improve it, but for now it stays as my #3. Coming in a close second was the Kinect. Microsoft did some incredible things with its launch of the Kinect system. There is an impressive selection of games to choose from, and even more importantly some innovative and new ideas for motion gaming. In general I enjoyed sports-type motion gaming games best on the Kinect.

Taking the cake though had to be the Wii for me though. I may be a bit biased on this as I am a Super Smash Brothers addict. Part of the reason I rank the Wii as the top is the Nintendo collection and the game play of games like the super smash brothers franchise and Mario party. Overall though, the Wii offered the best choice for games, and more of a variety of game styles. So there are my rankings, I’m sure you will all have some differing opinions (based off my “iPad has a camera… who cares” post). So let’s hear it, which console do you go to for your motion gaming?

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  • Chris Potter

    You mentioned your reasoning for picking Wii as the “wii”ner, but did so because of the game selection. What about functionality and innovation? Would you still choose the Wii? Kinect is fairly new, so it will take some time for games to be developed (as the technology is a bit more advanced than the Wii). When they start increasing their game selection, would you then reconsider your ranking?
    I agree about PS Move coming in third. I’d even rate it lower. The remote just felt awkward…and it seemed to be an attempt at a copy-cat of Wii. Kinect does not do that.

  • James A Colberg

    Chris Potter has the right idea, the comparison is best made by how the motion technology works. I have all three systems and if you go by the quality of the games I would put the Wii at the bottom. The Wii first party games are top notch but most of the other games are complete crap aside from a few standout titles.

  • Nick

    How does Zagg post your articles on their website? If you’re going to post articles please brush up on your english. Also your arguments don’t really even make any sense to me. The Kinect costs over 100 dollars more than the Wii, you first need to buy an Xbox 360, then the Kinect, the best combo price is $300 whereas a Wii costs only $180. Also why admit you’re a game fanboy when comparing two products?

  • Jared Kotoff

    Xbox360 + Kinect costs LESS than a wii with 4 controllers.
    I think the Kinect is far better than wii and should have one based on that, not the games behind it. LIke you said i only been out for 5 months, its not fair to compare them based on their game selections (even though kinect’s is terrible)