Microsoft Releases Its First iOS Game: Kinectimals

Do you have a deep desire to own a cub but your current living conditions don’t permit you to? Kinectimals is the perfect way to get get away to your happy place and spend some time with your favorite furry friends.  These cubs can be yours for the small price of $2.99. Though this app is for iOS devices, by playing this app you will be able to unlock 5 more cubs for your Xbox game.

Though the iPad and iPhone don’t have a built in Kinect, the game still allows you to be fully immersed in the cubs world with the use of gestures and touch screen controls. The game runs you through a training course, challenges, and buy fun objects that make for a simple fun game for the kids.

It seems like Microsoft is going for app domination as it has released a few iOS Apps this week such as Halo Waypoint and My Xbox LIVE. There have also been rumors of Microsoft Office hitting the iPad next year. The Xbox Live ecosystem is certainly going in its mobile form. Do you think its presence in iOS will give it the boost it needs to get more users addicted?

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