Oh Look, Microsoft Made Its Own Snapchat Clone Called WindUp


Windows Phone users often get left out when it comes to new apps, as developers look to launch mainly on Android and iOS. Point in case: there’s still no official Snapchat app for Windows Phone 8. Instead, you’re left with a few unofficial choices that independent developers have hacked together (6Snap, and Snapchat for Windows Phone being the main two choices) that sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

Back in May, there were reports that Microsoft was talking to Snapchat about creating an official Windows Phone app, but so far, nothing has come to fruition.

Perhaps due to the lack of progress on that front, Microsoft has put together their own Snapchat clone (is anybody surprised?) called WindUp. It runs exclusively on Windows Phone, which means those of you rocking a Microsoft device can only “WindUp” with other Windows Phone users.


At its core, it’s a photo and video sharing service that only displays your content for a pre-determined amount of time. Like Snapchat, you have to hold down on the screen to view the message and after the time allotment elapses, the message disappears. So basically, exactly what Snapchat does.

Individual messages, instead of being called Snaps, are calling Windings. You can share photos, videos, audio, and text windings.

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