Microsoft explains why the Surface doesn’t have as much disk space as Microsoft says it does

We’re still uncovering things here and there about Microsoft Surface, the new tablet-style computer from Redmond. They released a 32GB and 64GB model for $499 and $699, respectively. But a funny thing happens when you open the box and turn on your shiny new Surface for the first time: in the case of the 32GB model, HALF of your storage space is immediately consumed.

By what, you ask? The operating system (Windows RT), built-in apps and the four Microsoft Office programs that come pre-installed. Plus of course, a few more gigs for the drive to be properly formatted. Here’s a breakdown right from Microsoft:

Make sure you understand this before you buy one. This also explains why there’s no 16GB “entry-level” model, either: there’d be no storage for your files, music, apps, games, videos at all! By comparison, another certain tablet out there, also available in a 32GB configuration, offers you 28GB of “user-accessible” storage space, even after the operating system and built-in apps are installed. Now, I was never exceptionally great with math, but 28 is a whole hell of a lot closer to 32 than 16.

Does the 32GB Surface ship with a 32GB drive? Of course. That’s how Microsoft can get away with advertising it as such and not be blatantly lying. But are they being deceitful? I’d say more than a little. Outside the tech world, Microsoft expects everyday, normal, average people to buy these over iPads, laptops, ultrabooks, and even desktops. Do you think the everyday, normal, average person is going to understand why it says “32GB” on the box, but once they get it home and turn it on, they realize there’s really only half of that?

Not. Likely. Anyone else smell a lawsuit?


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