Microsoft Wants Seamlessness Between Bing, XBox, Windows Phones

During Black Friday I bravely delved in to the section of Walmart where employees and cops were throwing out copies of Xbox games to the crowd.  It was absolute pandemonium.  It struck me then just how popular video games were, especially the Xbox.

Microsoft already knows this, of course, and are taking steps to seamlessly integrate their numerous devices (such as the Windows phone, the Xbox, Kinect and Bing.)  Their plan is to change the way the Xbox 360 user interface so that it is much more Kinect and Bing friendly.  For example, users will be able to say “Xbox, Bing, Justin Bieber” and Bing will then pull up searches for Justin Bieber (not that you would ever really want to do a search on him…right??)  There are also plans to make the Windows phone compatible with the interface, enabling it to be a sort of remote control for the TV.

Not only will you be able to use your Windows phone to navigate but you will also be able to wave your hands to navigate (as long as you have Kinect).  Hopefully your neighbors don’t see you waving your arms at your TV though, that could be embarrassing.

What do you think of these planned changes?  Is Microsoft enabling more people to be lazy TV viewers or is this just some sweet technology?  Sound off in the comments below.


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