Mind Controlled Siri [VIDEO]

Duane Cash, an iOS developer for Honda R&D Americas, has posted a video that allegedly shows him controlling Siri with is brain.

Duane describes the project:

This is a one of my initial tests using a brainwave-reading device to control some custom Siri functions on a iPhone. For the first speech recognition segment I wave my hand over the device to activate Siri. During the next portions, I use mental commands from the EEG signals to commands the iPhone to open a map, open a menu and close a menu with voice feedback from Siri.


Is a mind-controlled car on the way? Not likely, at least not soon. Yes, Toyota showcased a mind-reading bike back in 2011, but Duane made it very clear that he’s not doing this in any official capacity for Honda.

(PLEASE NOTE: This is an independent project of my own and although I work for Honda R&D Americas, this project is not connected to any projects I am working on there.)

[Vimeo via iClarified]

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