Mobile Blogging: WordPress gets a 3.0 update. Great features and improvements. (via @jkhowland)

Every once in a while while I’m out and mobile I pull out the WordPress app. The app has been anemic at best, and almost worthless for me. But in a pinch it did the job.

Mobile Blogging

The iOS App Store version 3.0 of WordPress has just recently been released. The release number is a big jump, and I suppose should make a statement about the new features.

The goodies include push notifications, a swipe-to-moderate toolbar additional language support and last but certainly not least — a “vastly improved performance, especially for iPad.”

Moderation Toolbar

The comment list appears in a table view, and each comment is swipe-able to access to a moderation toolbar. Right there i the app you can mark comments as approved, spam or you can reply.

Push Notifications

For those of you running your own blog the push notifications can be especially nice. You can turn off email notifications, and rely on the app to give you news about comments.

It should be much easier to keep up with your WordPress blogs thanks to the app.

Improvements in Performance

The improvements are indeed impressive. The performance improvements on the iPad are clear. If you’ve ever used the app before, I think you’ll like it.

Although it’s still a pain to edit images on your posts or pages unless you are proficient in HTML.

The new update requires iOS 4.0 or later, and works with any WordPress blog running version 2.9.2 or higher. It’s a free download and is universal on the iPad and iPhone.

Joshua Howland

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