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Online shopping has become a popular and convenient way to buy items from your favorite stores. So, what is the next step for technology? Mobile shopping. Since mobile phones are becoming increasingly advanced and readily available to almost every cell phone network, it only makes sense that the next step for shoppers is to turn to their cell phone for purchases.

Using your cell phone for online purchasing allows you to do your shopping anywhere you want. Whether you are at the office, in the park, or at the gym, stores are creating mobile apps to get you to buy something – wherever you are.

According to, the number of people who have made a purchase via their cellphone has risen five-times in this past shopping season. Experts continue to say that this is a trend that will continue to skyrocket.

“It looks like more than half of all shoppers will soon be using their mobile phones for retail purposes,” said Kevin Ertell, VP-retail strategy at ForeSee Results, to “Any retailer not actively working to develop, measure and refine its mobile experience is leaving money on the table for competitors.”

Some of those retailers who are taking those steps to keep up with the future include:

REI: Their mobile app includes the basics of what any retailer should have, along with an expert advice section with articles written on everything from rock-climbing, to skiing to give you the latest news on equipment, news, and technique.

Target: This retailer is striving to help you save some money. Their mobile app includes Daily Deals and allows you to view customer reviews and opinions. If you don’t want to buy an item right away, the app allows you to create shopping lists for reminders next time you hit the store.

JCPenny: Their mobile app features easy access to current sales and a search engine that allows you to filter through results quickly and easily. Through the mobile app you can also track your orders and sign up for weekly sale alerts through email.

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