Mobile Technology Improving Education

The vast world of technology has been changing our world. The invention of the telephone, television, cellphone, Internet, and computer have impacted our lives significantly. Recently, we’ve seen that mobile technology has been changing the rules of education – and even improving the education you can receive. Here are three ways that this is happening:

1. Inquiry-based Learning: Schools have started giving students iPods and iPhones to enhance their learning experience. Abilene Christian University, for example, has expressed that by equipping students with iPhones, they are helping create a “mobile-enhanced inquiry-based learning” style. This process combines mobile phones with a learning theory that includes experimentation and questioning. The phones allow students to ask more meaningful questions and allow the professors the ability to send out information, flashcards, and other information students need.

2. Flipping the Classroom: Universities are adding in lecture podcasts along with their implementation of mobile education. While these lectures could normally be given in a classroom setting, the students can get their information right in their own dorm rooms. “The idea is to free up teachers during class time for interacting with students and working through problems.” This allows students to work at their own pace and revisit anything that they have been confused about.

3. Reinventing the Textbook: Macosko, the co-founder of a textbook reform project, finds fault with standard textbooks of the day. They are expensive, heavy, and generally are hard to read and understand. That is why he has helped created BioBook. This is a database like Wikipedia, except a million times better and is “device-agnostic, peer-written, [and] has node-driven text.” The final version of the book will be launched in September and will include quizzes, multimedia graphics, analytics, notes, and other features.


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