[Deal Alert] Motorola Offering Second Chance Cyber Monday Sale Tomorrow; Moto X $150 Off


On Cyber Monday, Motorola dropped $150 from the off-contract price of the Moto X, letting you get one for just $349. While a bit steep when compared to the price of subsidized devices directly from your carrier, $349 is a steal of a deal for a great phone without a contract.

However, things didn’t go so great for Moto on Monday. Their site saw a huge spike in traffic and couldn’t keep up. Pages timed out. Orders weren’t placed. Customers were left frustrated and unable to complete their purchases. Not to let the opportunity go to waste, CEO Dennis Woodside sprung into action. In a blog post penned yesterday, he announced that they’d have a do-over. They’ll offer the same deal again tomorrow (Wednesday, December 4) through MotoMaker, including the 30% off accessories promotion. But they aren’t stopping there. They’ll also offer the deal next Monday, December 9, just to be sure you have the opportunity to purchase the Moto X.

He goes on to discuss some of the technical difficulties they experienced on Cyber Monday, and the plan their engineers are working on to remedy the problem. You can read the full post on Motorola’s official blog, here. We love when big companies embrace communication with consumers, offer an apology, and then offer a fair solution. Motorola has delivered.


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