My 3 picks from Apple’s Best Mac Apps of 2012

Apple released its list of ‘Best Mac Apps of 2012’ and I thought it would be interesting to share my favorites. There are three that stick out to me as most deserving.


If you use Twitter, this is the only Mac app I would recommend. The others aren’t poorly made, but they aren’t made as well as this app. I realize it seems expensive when you have been indoctrinated by iOS and Android app prices. It is by far my most used Mac app, and well worth every penny.


This wasn’t all about completely new apps in 2012. Evernote is an app I’m sure a lot of you have been using for quite a while. The most recent update was impressive. Not only did it give the app a much more beautiful interface, the app feels much more stable.

Mint QuickView

Too often we get mired in bad finances. I think it’s because we go so long without even looking at our finances before we finally break down and have a long list of transactions to review, and decisions to make about our future. Mint QuickView makes it very easy to review your finances frequently and quickly.

Joshua Howland

Joshua is a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. He is currently building a company that focuses on educational mobile applications: LearnStack. His favorite posts to write compare companies and products. He loves sports and start ups and talks about them (along with tech) on Twitter (@jkhowland) and his blog (

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