My CES 2012 Photo Album [20 photos]

CES was a wild, wild ride. Here are some photos I took this week…

3M’s multi-touch screens were cool. 40 inches of touch screen. Blog post on this here.

Some of LG’s large touch screens.

Interesting concept for a tablet keyboard. Blog post on this here.

A gadget to help you take “MySpace-esque” photos. Blog post on this here.

Huge crowd to see Snooki.

Remember these guys? They were at CES too.

Window cleaning robot. Blog post on this here.

3 different ZAGG products won CES innovation awards this year.

The ZAGG booth this year was very impressive. A lot of positive feedback from attendees. See a video tour here.

Iron Man

Wannabe Iron Man suit

LG’s 55” OLED TV was the most amazing thing I saw all week. This photo doesn’t do the TV’s thinness justice. Watch the 17 second video below to get a better feel for it…

Gadget that takes 360 degree video. Read the blog post here.

Audi had the coolest ceiling. 5 layers of LED lights

It’s a stylus. It’s a USB drive. It’s a stylus USB drive.

MC Hammer stopped by the ZAGG booth

Custom motorcycle serious speakers, side screens, and iPad

iFrogz announced they have a cool gadget that plays “near-field audio.” Blog post here.

Mashable’s MashBash party was a blast. Great music and cool people (photo by Jake Larsen).

We tagged ZAGG on the virtual graffiti wall at MashBash

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