MyForce: The Mobile “Blue Light” Emergency App

Despite the mandate for universities to provide timely warnings in the event of danger, such problems as sexual harasment and shootings still have the potential to take place at schools across the nation. That is why MyForce was created, to provide students with a mobile security device.

MyForce is a subscription-based security app that launches a mobile panic button for emergencies. Users can use the app when walking alone (whether on campus or else where) or at night in desolate areas. MyForce is different then other apps on the market because it reports a user’s emergency to a 24/7 alarm monitor who then immediately connects to 911 dispatchers after the emergency is validated.

Emergencies are validated by trained dispatchers who listen to the audio recording that the app takes after the MyForce button is pressed. The app can access a user’s name, address, physical description and emergency contact list in the case of an emergency to provide to the police. Included in this information is a list of safety and health related issues pertinent to the user.

Currently, MyForce is being used in conjunction with campus blue light systems to reinforce university security. If applications such as MyForce, Silent Bodyguard and Red Panic Button are successful, outdoor emergency phone systems may be removed completely due to low usage rates and high maintenance costs. What will this do to the safety of universities and campuses across the nation? Will applications like these become mainstream?

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