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Ever since HP’s revealed the Pre 3 and the TouchPad and showcased how they can interact with each other (ability to call and text from your TouchPad via your docked Pre 3, etc..) I’ve been slightly jealous. Although I love my iPhone, I wish it didn’t feel so much like an island. For example, I’d love to be able to pull up a viewing window of my phone’s screen and see its going’s on. If I’m hard at work on my computer and don’t want to be interrupted by taking out my phone to see who called, I wish I could just glance over and get a peek of what’s going on in the far off regions of my pocket. (If anyone knows of an app that accomplishes this, please let me know, though sadly I don’t think it is possible due to Apple’s terms.) I wish I could say that the myPhoneDesktop was that app, but if it was, I probably wouldn’t have started with that introduction.

MyPhoneDesktop understands my frustrations and I think does what it can to alleviate with them within Apple’s allowances. This $4.99 app essentially helps you get simple bits of information to you iPhone from your computer. Say you are in the situation I mentioned above and need to send a text from your phone. You can simply pull up myPhoneDesktop, type in the lengthy SMS, and hit send. The message is then sent via your iPhone as if you had typed it on that glossy glass screen yourself. The app also pulls up phone numbers ready to call in your phone app that you run across on the web, opens web URLs in your phone’s browser, and even links Google Map URLs to the maps application directly. No need to send yourself an email, open it up, open the app, etc.. As seemless as it can get.

I’ve used this scenario with my iPhone and Mac, but the app works with Windows and Linux as well and also with the iPad and iPod Touch.

At this point the app only works “computer to iDevice” but according to its developers they are working on visa versa capabilities. Again, not my dream scenario but considering Apple’s restrictions, not bad for a $4.99 app once you work it into your workflow. Check it out here.

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  • Stefano

    VERY VERY cool

    • Riccardo Smith

      I second you but need Android version with same features as myPhoneDesktop I.e. Actionable messages to be sent from desktop or web to Android.

  • Tanguy

    Check out blue phone elite. He stopped developing it but it was pretty awesome in it’s dat

  • Orion Antares

    Can’t you pretty much do the same thing with free google services?

    • RoccoD

      No, you can not. Check their features page. No google services can come even close. Can not wait when myPhoneDesktop developers do Android version.

      • Orion Antares

        Well I did.

        Call any telephone number from any application or web browser… Google Voice Chrome extension

        Send complicated url with Map’s location or route to your iPad or iPhone in seconds… Google Docs/Gmail (don’t need to send an email but could)

        Simplify sending a long SMS to your friend, colleague or a client… Google Voice

        Bring your notes or large amount of text with you in seconds… Google Docs/Gmail

        Send Images or Photos to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from any application or web browser… Google Docs/Gmail/Picasa

        If we’re talking about a direct USB transfer that’s a upload in iTunes.

        I’m more asking is there anything superior to this or is it simply a competing option?

  • Ryan M.

    @Orion. You mean through Android? Yeah, probably. Or are you saying some sort of service Google has for the iPhone? I know on the new Atrix, you can view and interact with the full phone screen while on the laptop, which is pretty awesome.

    • Orion Antares

      Well i meant for more phones than just Android. I’ve actually used Google services for doing essentially the same things listed as features for this app for my Palm Pre and iPod touch for a year now.

      Obviously I don’t mean the ultimate goal of what the Atrix does.

  • Jim Zianno

    Totally awesome productivity tool. Thanks Ryan for finding it and reviewing it. Just purchased it and love it already. Will take me awhile to figure out all of the functionality however (there are a LOT of features) but totally incorporate in my workflow already. Free multiple OS desktop versions and full featured web client would be a life saver (Mac at home, windows ;( at work). Must have app fo all iDevice users.

  • Ryan M.

    Thanks everyone. The feedback on this app is neat to see as I didn’t realize everyone seems to be wanting as much integration between their devices as I do. That’s why I’ve been excited to see HP moving in that direction with the Pre 3 and the TouchPad. Think Apple will move that way in the near future? I’m guessing Google will as they are more open to loosening their APIs.