Check Out Valkyrie: NASA’s 6 Foot Tall Search and Rescue Robot


This 6-foot tall robot, dubbed Valkyrie, is the latest project from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It’ll officially be unveiled one week from today as part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge. It has one primary mission: to save your life in the event of a disaster.

Valkyrie was designed to be a search and rescue robot, if you will. It can operate on harsh terrain, climb ladders, drive a vehicle, and use a variety of hand tools. The battery pack gives approximately one hour of use, with interchangeable batteries that can be swapped out by a human in a matter of minutes for continued use. While its ultimate goal is to be as autonomous as possible, it can be completely controlled remotely by a trained human. Valkyrie is packed with sensors and cameras that can help it in making intelligent decisions, as well as transmitting data back to the operator.

You can learn more about Valkyrie in this detailed IEEE Spectrum post, and in the video below.

Source: IEEE Spectrum


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  • Valkyrie

    why can’t the robot replace its own battery?

    • Allan Richardson

      Can you scratch your own back? That’s where the battery is. However, I suppose that one robot could scratch its partner’s back (I mean, replace its partner’s battery).

  • Mykeljon

    Would have been a much more interesting video if we had actually seen this robot do more work., and walk around more than one step.