Netflix to offer exclusive TV series

Netflix has seen a steady rise to recognition in the past few years, and looks poised to take the next step in their business plan. Recent reports indicate that Netflix has made an offer to host the remake of House of Cards, which features Kevin Spacey and is directed David Fincher (The Social Network). If the offer goes through, it will be the first instance in which Netflix has bought exclusive rights to any TV-series or movie.

This marks what looks to be the next step in the long-term plan for Netflix. While they have seen huge success in merely distributing and streaming movies, this move indicates their desire to expand even more. If the deal goes through and House of Cards becomes a “Netflix exclusive”, then the landscape for many other companies is going to have to change.

Hollywood video and Blockbuster have already taken heavy hits due to Netflix and other similar sites, and their business models have had to make an adjustment. If Netflix has similar success in the TV-series market then more companies are going to have to take notice. Most notably HBO (owned by Time Warner) has had a few feathers ruffled by the growth of Netflix. If Netflix expands into the TV market as well, then big changes could be in store.

Overall, I think it is a logical next step in expansion for Netflix and should yield significant benefits. What do you think; will this expansion pan out for the best?

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